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Hey everyone,

I have been working on levelling a Combat Medic alt (ton of fun so far) and have run into a lot of trouble on Alderaan.

Since I tend to play this character at really bizarre times of the day, it's not unusual for me to sit in the GF queue for a couple hours without a pop. This means I have to level him by doing the usual world progression.

I am currently level 29 on Alderaan and getting my *** kicked. My gear is definitely contributing as it is currently a mix of Mandalorian Raiders (Rating 62) gear and Nar Shadaa commendation gear (Rating 58). I'm hoarding Alderaan commendations until I pop level 31 and can use the top end mods.

I've tried using Aric Jorgan but the DPS output of the mobs are dropping him relatively quickly. I use my Super Charged Cells to burst him up but he's then killed before I can get back to 30 charges.

Because of this I moved to using M1 to tank for me and while better, it now takes forever to kill anything. Combine this with Elite mobs who can lay down serious DPS and I find I am out of ammo and dead before the mob is.

Am I doing something wrong? Or should Combat Medics just be over leveled for world progression content? I feel like a God when PUGing Flashpoints but feel completely useless when on my own.

Any tips or advice will be GREATLY appreciated.
i level as heal. never got a problem. (lvl40 right now)
did the first hero4 and the last hero4 solo.
got the healshield from the skilltree. used elara dorn as heal backup. the fights took some time, but i never had to worry of dying.

normal quests i use aric. since balmora i use vic. only for tougher mission i use elara. on nar shadaar i used 4x. u got a whole squad of very usefull compagnions. it isnt a free ride. u still have to do something for the journey.