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I agree its the reason why my BH was only DS rank 3 by the end if you go pure light side your a wish washy bounty hunter imo. If its pure dark its a bit psychotic at times but your not wish washy a bit of a loose cannon yes but you don't spare targets just because they say pwease don't kill/capture me and give you a sob story as Trinos said.

Plus it was the republic that made me the most wanted I would not stick my neck out for them plus to the republic your still a criminal he just removed the most wanted. Plus I personally felt it eneded better with the capture/death of the chancellor. Tormen gave me a contract and I done it. As my BH said "pleasure working with you tormen, but do remember to send an offer its a business after all." Gault gave me lots of approval.

Being a BH is a "dark" profession in the star wars universe imo.
I disagree. Lightside BH makes perfect sense, especially when Tormen threatens harm to your companions (force chokes Mako) and the BH has a realization that what Tormen is making him his pet.

Remember "The only law in the galaxy is the one a man makes for himself" -that's the lightside ending. You are a hunter with ethics, you are to be honorable even when it means going against contract.