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Right now, according to the TOR Encyclopedia and the game. These council members are still alive.
Sphere of Mysteries: Darth Rectis
You may want to correct this to 'Rictus' - this sounds a bit rude

As for Darth Tormen, I doubt it. Seeing as we had the option to kill him, and it has not be confirmed that is canonically alive, it is unlikely he will appear. If he were to become a Dark Council member, it would have to be outside of the game. For if the BH encountered him again, he'd be like 'hey I killed you!'.

As for Darth Viktus, again unlikely. While I can't be sure he doesn't seem to much of an important character, just a sith lord you meet on Alderaan - he also doesn't seem to have anything to do with Biotic Science, more like Expansion and Diplomacy. Most likely we'll be seeing a brand new Sith, like Rictus or Aruk.

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It is becoming my pet peeve to see people automatically assuming Darth Nox, it is not.
Lol, you can't just make a statement and then not back it up with a point What exactly do you mean here, are you talking about his name? If you are then I afraid this is likely to become canon, after all dark side is the most canonically accurate. And most people can't be bothered to put Occulus/Imperius after it.

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One thing I have thought about - is it possible for apprentice of another member to become member themselves while master still on it?
I would say no. Why do you ask?