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Skill27 armorings in bracers and belt
power mods in all the pieces (if u think u need more crit rate u can use crit ones)
enhacements: here comes the key because it depends on what spec u play
u can go for Powe Surge
u can can mix with Accuracy Power
1200-1300 expertise is ok, u can play with one of the cristals swapping power/expertise
So what are the cheapest pieces of gear I need to buy to get these? ^^ I'm not being lazy, I'm not at my comp that has the game installed and just trying to work out if I can be bothered to do another grind.

They really should of just made another set, this sucks having to grind for the same pieces again. Is there another set coming any time soon? Should I just save up coms?

obee one konobi is my onlee hope

bzzzzzz lightsaber