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I would like to know the answer!!1
Why Smash/Sweep is OP'd?
1. Players now have the ability to rotate between 2/3 talents to proc the sigularity/shockwave (25%) buff.
2. The 30% crit bonus talent (=100%+ Surge ratings!).
3. Force critical ratings for most players are in the neighborhood on 40%+ already (thus nullifying the "auto-crit" ability somewhat) .
4. Sweep/Smash has one of the strongest BASE attack ratings in the game.
6. Can be talented to lower CD's than similar attacks (like Sage/Sorc FiB/DF).
7. AoE increases likelihood of a crit hit, even w/o the auto crit proc.

The second leap is much more valuable as a root (guaranteed smash/sweep hit). As long as the singularity/shockwave proc is active, smash away...
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