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Maybe my math is wrong, but it still appears to be the same amount of grinding as before to get to end gear, except this time it's EWH instead of WH.

Before you had to grind WZ comms to BM, then grind ranked to get WH, while trading in your BM pieces.
Now you'll have to grind the same amount of WZ comms (but you get WH gear), then gind the same amount of ranked comms as before but you get EWH. with WH trade in.
The only reduction in the grind is to get to WH, but the grind isn't done because a new tier exists.
the grind is still there but the difference between the gear stats (aka gear gap) is substantially reduced. Someone did the math and it appears the gap between WH and EWH is at most 3.8% (if you focus enhancements to one stat). That is a significant improvement over the current gap between BM and WH. And maybe just as important... there will be only a short period of time between Recruit/BM and WH.

Does that make sense?
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