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Stop making the game sillier in an effort to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

I hate stupid gimmicks. The rhythm augmentation droid is funny and about as far as it should go; it's stupid to have someone buying a carbonite chamber for himself. The meditation throne should not float around or serve as a vehicle. It'd be fine if it was a static throne for your ship.

Also, cut down on all the shiny gold borders. It looks really cheesy when you log in with a legacy account, and I can see that same kind of nonsense with the borders and cartel icon here.

All of this seems worse than what we had before. Please take this game seriously so it can feel like an immersive world and part of the Star Wars universe we know from the films. You will begin losing serious subscribers if the game devolves into attenion-grabbing gimmicks to the point it distracts from the goal of experiencing the Star Wars universe with a good story and strong gameplay.
I think its funny that people are so upset about the floating throne you can get from the market..saying that is stupid and silly and doesn't fit. Yet Yoda had a floating chair in Episode II ..and I know that many people hate episodes 1-3..but the fact is..hate them or not they are cannon. So there for it makes sense to have a floating throne in the game.