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Lost Island
LR-5 Sentinel Droid's Discharge now gives players a 3-second warning in Hard Mode before activating its ground effect. Players can now move the impending effect away from the group or tank.

Utility change, neither nerf nor buff and not enough time for the size of the effect
The tank no longer needs to move LR-5 from the middle even in groups melee heavy because the melee can direct the drop elsewhere. Ranged are already on the outside so no real significant change for them except to position the drop elsewhere. No, this would not really be considered a nerf however, this mechanic makes the instance significantly easier for this boss.

Before this change, this boss was the group check to see how well the group would know the mechanics. Groups would find themselves not being able to pull off the kill because the tank could not understand the mechanics between moving the droid while interrupting incinerate and the melee would always seem to find themselves in front of the boss during incinerate cast times instead of being stacked behind the boss making the healers job way harder than it should be. Now this boss is just another boss.
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