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11.21.2012 , 10:25 AM | #8
I'm not even concerned with how they impliment this as I just want to see ANYTHING happen, but I do have a couple ideas.

- Let players of any type use cartel coins for fully redo their character appearance, including race, body size, etc.
- Have a shop on fleet that does "hair and makeup" and charges credits. Make it reasonable. Players can't change their race or body type, but hair, complexion, jewelry and makeup are all fair game.
- Have a legacy unlock to put a character customization droid on player ships. Make it one of those swanky looking medic droids and stash him in the med bay. He does hair, makeup, and all types of surgery regardless of legality and safety. He also might be a former Nar Shadaa criminal underworld doctor and be programmed to forge you a new set of credentials (name change). Let players use cartel coins or credits to unlock and make it on par with the GTN, mailbox and repair droid perks.
- Simply allow a player to pay for cartel coins to "remake" their character (sans class changes) and give subscribers an additional option under account options

Ideally, I'd like to see all aspects presented here implemented, but I'd settle with the last one. Make this happen BW!