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lol i used to have like 10 50's b4 i deleted alot of the duplicated cause of the sever merge man i play to much
hehe I may run into the same situation myself. I love how the class plays, and after doing nothing but Ops and dailies for weeks at a time, it's almost refreshing to start one over and run through the planets.

It's sort of funny...I've leveled other classes too, but each time i start playing a class, i eventually drift back to my juggs.

....what can I say, I like juggs (pun intended)

Now the Rage DPS increase interests me...I may have to try a full rage spec at 50 for awhile and see how it works out. the big question the DPS increase simply due to trash cleanup (a.k.a more damage on trash sets), or can you individually parse single targets and net similar results? That can make a big difference. Either way though, it's great to see Rage pulling competitive numbers.

If they revisit the vengeance spec at all, i really think our bleeds are a key to increasing our damage and viability. Ironscarlet had some interesting points in is post a few threads down on that idea. But I would love to see both specs find a solid niche for themselves, and it seems rage has gotten the smashfest DPS it deserves.