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11.21.2012 , 10:07 AM | #2228
Woot! A day off to get caught up!

@ irishinfo, loved the drabbles

@ Svien, you captured Corso's nature very well

@ thatghost, lovely imagery in your piece!

@ Striges, oh my so many good pieces! Loved the Kirya one, you can see her struggles with Rixik, and the Rixik piece? Very intense. Really like that Jurial questions himself and the Order.

@ Iamthehoyden, loving the progression of the Skari/Crae story, you write it so well that I'm trying to figure out who might play Crae in the movie version.

@ bright_ephemera, there are no words to describe how much I enjoyed the Quinn/Wyn story, and I loved the Vierce timeline even more. Vierce, like I've said before, seems like someone I know, and I just thoroughly enjoy getting to know him further.

@ Tatile, so wonderful to see your guys at least attempting to reconcile. That's never easy, but at least they're talking now. Very poignant!

This piece directly follows the last one with Mags/Miriah, and encompasses several sins and virtues on both parts.
Miriah and Corso
Timeline: a week after Miriah had breakfast with her sister. No spoilers, ~ 1k words.

Love is the strongest magic of them all.