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11.21.2012 , 10:06 AM | #115
1. Harbinger
2. Candycotton
3. four crashes yesterday
4. dailies/flashpoints (section x, black hole, ilum, lfg NM/HM) ... I crashed once, leaving a HM FP, believe it was after choosing the non-DK option on Black Talon ... crashed to desktop instead of returning to where I was (Ilum). I crashed in the daily zones a couple times. I crashed after zoning in to a FP and the group and I began to move towards the starting objective, iirc boarding party was the HM FP.
5. dxdiag

6. crash 1

Crash 2

crash 3

crash 4

7. Yes, definitely crashes to desktop. At lest 4 times, even though the reliability monitor has these 4 crashes, two of each at different times ... (showing on the monitor 6:42 pm twice and 10:40 pm twice ... it was occuring several times through out my long play session yesterday.