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11.21.2012 , 09:36 AM | #8
I hardly every DC, this maybe the most stable game I have ever played, not sure if it is just my luck or the game design. However, I DC'ed the other night in HM The Esseles, right after the final boss, but before the mission was complete. Was sure the group would kick or leave instance, but got back and was very surprised everyone was waiting for me.

Like haliy I will usually wait before I go for or vote for the kick. 5 mins depending on the FP, that does not mean I am willing to stop and just wait. I will continue and hope the DCíed person returns. Depending on how that is going, we may continue waiting past the 5 mins if the group is making good headway. Once completed HM D7 with two dps and my healer after the 1st boss when the tank DCíed.

Problem with waiting beyond 5 mins is you donít know the problem. They may have lost electricity, internet or anything else. That tank in D7 never did show back up. On guild runs I will wait longer than the 5 mins even when we canít continue without the DCíed party, but then I can usually communicate with them outside the game (skype, email, phoneÖ). However, when I canít find out what is going on then the 5 min rule still applies.