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11.21.2012 , 09:32 AM | #49
The hate is strong in this thread. But where are the numbers?

Rage is ubiquitous? Prove it. Let's see 10 non-photoshopped ss with more than 6 knights or warriors for a given day on the same server?

Rage is too powerful? Again... maybe you haven't, but I have seen other classes get more damage, more kills, more killing blows, more obj points and suffer fewer deaths than all of the rage warriors in a given wz. Actually it happens all of the time. There are some players I know that top damage fairly consistently whether they are playing their sent, sage or vigi guardian. And there are good teams that always play together and their dpsers do amazing things consistently. But those are the exception and not the rule. Show me wz stats that say rage is consistently topping dmg and dying the least?

Remember, without facts, numbers and evidence, mobs will cheerfully burn people for practicing witchcraft and experienced navigators have worried about sailing off the edge of the Earth. I'm not interested in the rationalizations of wounded egos and trolls just trying to rile people up. If you want to convince me (or BW), present some evidence. Thus far there is little.