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ycoga one you need to shutup. Two you need to realize that you are lazy and have not put a single ounce or work into this argument. All you have done is ask others to pull their weight asking questions you would not and will not put in the work of answering yourself and then making mocking stupid unproductive comments. So why don't you get to work and make a productive intelligent comment that adds to the overall knowledge of the thread(that does not mean your opinion that mean prove your opinion and demonstrate it in a way others can understand fully how you got it and are correct.) or stop slandering people in the thread!
That definitely goes for you as well. If you can dish it out you should be able to take it too. I haven't shouted at you using caps. The reason I havent bought your argument yet is that it's flawed in two important ways:
1. Where's the evidence that BW uses rotations to determine dps balance, let alone the rotations that you created for this purpose? PLUS that it doesn't take other classes DPS into acct when it does?
2. You stated above that you don't know why they took away WP dmg in the beta.

With the above two in mind I am completely unconvinced that your argument has any merit, because the rotation-based analysis would not provide reason to remove WP from melee, if DblStrikes' max damage was 'always lower than the next highest abilities' min damage' and had no impact on the rotations' DPS output. You said,
..Then why would this method provide BW reason to remove WP dmg from melee? Either BW made a mistake and removed it by accident late in the beta, or there's a problem with your logic. I claim the latter.
The result of this is that it invalidates your rotation-based approach to this problem.

I suspect that comparing DPS between classes and your rotation-based approach both have value but I can't get my head around why you're getting so personal and upset about it. The fact that you claim to have 'put more work in' by producing unfounded calculations is... well, I'm ignoring it. As it stands, my belief that BW would compare DPS outputs between classes when balancing makes more sense than analysis of rotations and max damage potential therein. Ultimately they would still have to compare it to other classes at some point.

I said before, take some time to figure out the more obvious failures in your approach and we'll continue another day - when you're calmer!

P.S. your definition of what's 'useful' in terms of DBLStrike at higher levels is completely subjective.
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