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um, lol. They hybrid is actually quite effective, but very situational.

First, you don't give up the armor pen, the increased force damage at all.

You only give up shockwave and you get unremitting. This means that you can jump to someone w/ enrage up, they have to eat a full master strike unless sprint breaks root, then you follow w/ a smash choke smash.

You need to be more careful with your burst but it is still an extremely viable spec, especially w/ bubble stun sorcs running rampant.
You're right, I was thinking both abilities were tier 5, but it's the unnecessary Enraged Defense buff. It still increases the downtime on fully effective smashes without having force crush. Since i get free respecs now I might try it to see what happens, but I've never had a problem getting my smash off without it. It seems like an ability geared towards single target damage, but I'm not wasting smash on one target unless they're the only one around.
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