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11.21.2012 , 08:31 AM | #3198
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Of course, we all know that ig GMs have extensive knowledge and access to development decisions / schedules.

No ig GM has ever told anyone simply what they wanted to hear...

Could you for once make up your mind? You claim there's no official validation, we give you that. You then claim "Ohh, that's not the validation I was talking about", basically claiming it's non-existent.

Why do you even care? You're free to move elsewhere if this topic is not one you care about. What people in here are doing is remind BW constantly of the promises they did indeed make at one point in time, in hopes for getting more clarification for the future. What's wrong with that? What part of this concept is too hard to grasp for you?

No-one here ever claimed they were certain about anything. If any of us were, indeed, there would be no need for a thread of this kind. This thread is a reminder, not more, not less.