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Yeah, I have 6 50's and I've played them all. My sorc was my main for the longest time, around June I got bored of healing the same op over and over (Ec) so i switched to my marauder as my main. I went inactive for a bit, came back and started using my assassin again which has been my main since then. I always liked my assassin the best (And jug dps).

Every other class has at least 2 talents to increase something, be it mainstat, crit or accuracy. Not including things in the stance itself, as well as combo's that give an auto crit hit. Every single class generally share these talents with their mirror class - which is why i find the assassin so odd. Our mirror class has mainstat and crit, where the hell is ours? Why does Lightning charge get a boost in crit chance through talents and deception does not? Why does surging charge not give us increased accuracy or crit (so we can drop mods like every other class and pickup more power)

I use my assassin as my main, i raid in pve and do fine. But this is frustrating, very very frustrating.
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