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I try to wait around 5 minutes for the dc'd guy,which should be ample time for situations where one dc's, restarts game / computer. After a while I initiate a kick to get replacement. It sucks I agree but it's necessary after a while.
I certainly agree that its necessary afther a while, only the examples i mentioned happened basiclly right afther the DC, like the person DCed and within 10 sec afther that the first impatient person selected vote to kick while the DCed person probably wasnt even back to desktop, and they also happened very far into the FP or even as i said in the earlier post right at the very end, wich can mean the 30-45+ min that an average FP run can take will be fully waisted time only by the impatients of some nubs.

A 5 min mark sounds fair to me, i think my time to restart/relog afther a dc certainly falls within that time.
Again the main reason why this would be pretty fair and reasonable to implement is becaus of the mechanics of the game itself and how it handles a DC of a player, i have played a few MMO's in the past and none of those had the strange/annoying feature that the whole game would simply CTD when you DCed and since its also a pretty big game it requires some loading time no matter how good ones system is, and i also have the feeling that this "flaw" in the games mechanic is one of the reasons why some people are to impatient to wait a bit... most of them simply know how the game deals with a DC and that it often take several min before a person can get back, not that i would consider that as an excuse to start votekick afther 10 sec but it certainly doesnt help.