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Well, by creating a back-story, you should make something unique to yourself in a way, or by relating it to something that happened within life. Just as an idea if you want it to be personal. As far as RP goes, you can join the RP channel and find others, and I'd be up to RP with you as well. I can PM you later. As far as helping you, I can, and the community can help you on how to RP, and how it works. A majority of guilds, if not all still participate in warzones, ops, ect within the server to work on team building. RP events are usually planned out in advance through guilds to guilds and here within the forum as what I have seen since joining the Ebon Hawk, or at least getting more involved. Nar Shaddaa at the northern barge off the Lower Promenade, every Thursday at 9pm Eastern is a hotspot for RP.
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