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That's kinda the reason why people are still asking about it, why there's threads started, why this thread keeps getting bigger and bigger. All people are asking for is confirmation one way or the other.

That's why the thread has the title that it does and why the OP goes back to January. We've gotten PMs in response from mods stating that it's still coming, but nothing official. And with EA talking to sites such as about their inclusion of SGR content in this game (which we had to write in and correct,) this needs to be clarified.

Look, I don't want them to drop it, nor do I think they will. I think Gabe's statements are correct, even if it isn't acknowledged as such directly by EA. If they do decide to drop the whole thing, the least they can do is let the players know.

They let the player base know in January and reminded them in March. So I'm not so sure it's because they don't want to let people know ahead of time. I'm beginning to wonder if they are actually intimidated by putting this content into a MMO where everyone could see it. I didn't even know about the SGRs in ME3, since I don't play the series. Easier to stash that content in a single player game.

I think they should let all the players know very soon regardless if a person wants this content, hates it or even doesn't care. As I've said before recently, it's gonna be uglier than bad Chuck Norris jokes if they decide to just spring it on the player base with out addressing it some ahead of time.

Edit: Gabe's video is from September of this year. So it is recent, just not 100% official.

Silence is not working, and it's too ambiguous. They need to either tell the players that is it still coming on a Public forums (such as Meet the Devs, Dev tracker, ect) or that it has been scrapped. Lack of knowing one way or the other is a lot of why this thread exists in the first place.