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11.21.2012 , 07:44 AM | #83
No I don't. but from the current game mechanics there is no reason to leave it out.

Do you? I would love to learn that.

BTW I can see many potential reason why but none of them are applicable. They mostly consist of not finishing their work.

Here's how you argue it the reverse way to start testing that question logically.

What is the reason to put it exactly where it is?

yes it, is usable in lower levels. But what is the point of it not being usable in higher lvs. Especially when it is useful. It would basically be a short range project for emergencies. And the other attack obviously would be useful for different specs for regen. I see no reason it should not be usable at higher lv. they can easily make changes at lower lv if it's too high at lower lvs to make it balanced along the way. In fact it may make it more interesting to play as you lv up and gain more powerful other abilities slower making it more RP like as far as feel. it becomes useless around LV 10 from what I can remember about playing my sage, though I'm very fussy on that one.