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11.21.2012 , 07:38 AM | #3195
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You do know that the people that left were talking on behalf of the company, and not from a personnal point of view, right? Just because they left that company, doesn't mean things they said on behalf of that company should be considered null and void.
You do know that since making those comments, nothing official has been said by anyone at BW?

In fact it looks increasingly like BW are doing nothing but distancing themselves from the comments in general.

Spam threads on the boards - ignored.
Q&A requests - ignored.
PMs and direct contact to devs - ignored.

Speaks volumes given the assertion that SGRs are already finished / on the way / just awaiting release or however else you want to spin it. If this content was anywhere near being implemented, the community would have heard something definite from a current source. They have not.