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When I said, "credit where credit is due," I meant to the posters on this thread, not so much for me. Honestly, I just organized it and there is no way I could have done all that alone. I think everyone contributed, I just have the document saved on my computer when proof is needed. I know the expression is, "Links/screenshots or it didn't happen," so having that all on hand saves me some headaches.

Also, Chacc put up an excellent time line that I have linked as well. It's a good tl;dr version of the FAQ. I would recommend everyone checking that out. Chacc comes in here from time to time and keeps an eye out for further updates.

Edit: The current incarnation of the FAQ has been sent to Joveth Gonzales and Ms. Berryman multiple times, so they know what's on it. Figured I'd get that outta the way.

Edit #2: If anyone wants a copy of the SGR FAQ for themselves as I have it saved onto my computer, let me know and I can either pm or email it you.
If you are so sure the collection of comments and PR responses that you have collated constitute any form of solid proof that SGRs are even still planned then why do you feel the need to constantly request validation on the topic? Why are you not happy to let the devs just get on with it? The fact is, despite you FAQ you are no wiser as to when or even IF SGRs are still planned....

You telling everyone its coming and its fact does not make it so...