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11.21.2012 , 07:27 AM | #3191
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Oh yes, how vague a statement that was about the possibility.

Oh yeah, clearly we imagined that as well.

Shoving their heads in the sand and refusing to answer any of the questions raised over the last ten months does tend to create disenchantment, indeed.

"We don't know when, or who, or how, but it's still on track with what we said in March"... apparently, they couldn't even stand by that. I say apparently, because all I can do is pluck guesses from the void that passes for the 'improved communication' era of Joveth. At least we got to find out what was in Hall Hood's mug... yippee.
Exactly, all you have is anecdotal evidence that is months old from people that are no longer employed at BW and have no influence on the game....Score!!!!!

If any of that was still current the why has BW put a brick wall ever since? Why was Hall Hoods tweet deleted? Why is BW seemingly distancing themselves from any of the previous comments?

Oh yeah guys, concrete proof indeeed. Definitely solid enough to feed back to the rest of the community that this is trul a done you got a link to anything that actually confirms that SGR is even scheduled for development? You got a link to anything confirming its actually happening from you know, someone that actually works for BW?