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It's just the way it goes. I happen to be the tank and when doing the daily HM GF, if we end up getting a DC in the group, I always tell the group to wait until we reach 2 bosses worth before we initiate the kick (my companions are pretty geared so half the time, my dps companion is better geared than the DPS we had in the group to begin with). If we are at the last boss with a DC, I wont even bother with a kick because there have been times when the DC'd player comes in half way threw the fight. If he doesn't, then it's just more of a chance to get the gear for the others in the group.
A simply thing that could help would be when for example you have cleared the first boss (or mini-boss) of whatever FP and a player gets a dc then the others cant kick him for a certain number of min, lets say the average time to restart the game since i believe the time to restart the game is the main problem and nobody can do anything about that its basiclly a fault of the game itself, and apparently there are lots of people without the patience to wait those mins out even if the Dced person went trough an entire FP with them and did everything fine.
Recently the option where afther a certain point in an FP you unlock the ability to go back to your previous location was implemented, and i think that same option could be used for this... that afther a certain point in the FP the others cant kick a DCed player right away but only afther a few min (average time to restart).

With F2P now i think the chances of these situations have certainly not decreased, and therefor all the more reason to have something in place to avoid these situations.