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I do LI HM several times a week on my various toons. It's worth it for the comms you get from the Rakghoul Weekly. It's also worth running on a new toon for gear, as the Columi mainhand and Rakata chest are nice upgrades for a new 50. The difficulty in LI HM is that it requires a mobile playstyle - you can't stand still through any of the boss fights and everyone needs to be on the ball. That's why so many people coming up against it for the first time find it too hard. Once you adapt, it's cake.

Seriously though, to those complaining about gearing up, go on fleet chat and set up a pug op. You'll get well-geared people join in for comms or just because they want something to do. If you need Columi, set up a group to do story mode ops through groupfinder for comms. You need Rakata, pug a group for EV or KP HM and set a reasonable minimum gear requirement. It remains the quickest way to get a new 50 geared.
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