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11.21.2012 , 05:44 AM | #1
As the title says i have a growing issue with the kick system as it currently is, certainly last few days cause in the last 4-5 days ive had 5 experiences where a person got kicked for no other reason then a simple dc that can happen to anybody as any well experienced mmo'er knows.
1 out of those 5 times it was myself and well... it s*cks bigtime certainly when your at the very end of the FP.
In the other cases i asked the others to wait a bit but it was as if i talked to 6 year olds, and in 2 of the other 4 cases this happened right at the end of the FP in one case it was even at the final console of BP were you get the choice to go to Dromund or the fleet... so everything was done everything went smooth the guy with the dc did his job ok and then getting a kick at that moment...
So as i said im getting real issues with how this kick system currently works.

PS. A big problem here is how this game handles a DC, first it crashes down wich can take a min or 2 for a start and then you gotta restart the whole game wich can again take a few min, and that i guess is to much for many.