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I appologise in advance if this info is wrong. I've been up all night hoping that MOX don't beat us to a world first kill. So i'm tired.

To prefice this i need to explain that AMR has not yet updated the dread guard relics with the static power addition. The DG proc relic is also bugged and therefore should not be imported into simcraft.
To work around these issues i simply used the campaign versions and added the stats that are live in-game.

I'll only cover Hybrid here, but if you want i can do the same for the other two specs.

1DG "internal proc" + 1DG power "on use": 1880dps
1DG "internal proc" + 1WH power: 1866dps
1DG power "on use" + 1WH power: 1855dps
2WH power: 1845dps

As you can see using 1 each of the DG relics comes out on top.
But you need to understand that this is just simulating a standard patchwerk-style fight, with no boss mechanic factors taken into account. The "on use" power relic is even stronger than these stats show, because of the possibility of multiplyers within the fight. Timing this relic with inspiration and adrenals to say the least would greately increase its benefit to your overall dps. Using the "on use" relic advances the potential for a higher dps max.


Code Changes:
relic1=campaign_relic_of_dark_radiance,ilevel=61,q uality=artifact,stats=96endurance_18willpower,equi p=ondamage_184internal_30%_4.5cd
relic2=campaign_relic_of_boundless_ages,ilevel=61, quality=artifact,stats=96endurance_18willpower,use =315power_120cd_30dur

relic1=campaign_relic_of_dark_radiance,ilevel=61,q uality=artifact,stats=96endurance_18willpower_47po wer,equip=ondamage_210internal_30%_4.5cd
relic2=campaign_relic_of_boundless_ages,ilevel=61, quality=artifact,stats=96endurance_18willpower_47p ower,use=350power_120cd_30dur

As you can clearly see, i added the static power for each relic and adjusted the values for the proc amount and "on use" power gain.