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11.21.2012 , 05:35 AM | #1
STOP joining the queue for the FP if you have no intentions to finish/start it. Jesus, I'm trying to hold myself together, but it's just insane! In 2 days, I've managed to complete Esseless/Hammer Station just once of 10-12 attempts. People just enter the instance, run around and then leave in silent. Or even better-need on everything, aggroing every pack and leaving if something goes wrong. OMG I used to play in the early start but 'gosh' it happened maybe 1 time on 100 and usually I didn't meet that person again.
Ok we have to wait for them coz they don't have sprint. Ok we should help them with their questions on stats/abilities. But jees we absolutely don't have to receive negative emotions, spending our time on players that don't respect others. I'm just wondering if it happens to low lvl FP, what happens in wz? Or in higher lvl FP where u can't just run'n'gun. I'm not a moaner at all. I have several 50's and do randoms with some strange ppl often. But now with this hell flood of F2P new-comers it's just insanity to lvl a new character. Mb it's just my bad luck, but I've met barely 2-3 senseble pesrons.
I've been preparing myself for a wave of ppl that will run around and do some quests not bothering me. But this is just ridiculous how they can ruin the pleasure.

So I just want to make it clear. I have nothing against newcomers. Even against newcomers with bad manners and attitude to others. But try to realise that along with you, lots of newcomers will get bad attitude from subscribers, because of prejudice you create. Be friendly and responsive to others- you will get the same back.