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Right now, according to the TOR Encyclopedia and the game. These council members are still alive.

Sphere of Ancient Knowledge: Darth Nox
Sphere of Defense of the Empire: Darth Marr
Sphere of Expansion and Diplomacy: Darth Ravage
Sphere of Imperial Intelligence: Darth Jadus/Zhorrid
Sphere of Laws and Justice: Darth Mortis
Sphere of Mysteries: Darth Rectis
Sphere of Production and Logistics: Darth Vowrawn
Sphere of Sith Philosophy: Darth Aruk

Sphere of Technology : Former Councilor-Darth Mehkis- Darth Hadra-Darth Karrid

Gravus was a good choice but
. Actually nobody fit better than Mehkis.

Sphere of Military Offense: Former Councilor-Darth Vengen-Darth Baras-possibly Darth Arho

I guess Darth Tormen is perfect for this sphere, he's a bit overly ruthless but is also very tough.

Sphere of Military Strategy: Former Councilor Darth Decimus.

I guess Darth Charnus will mostly succeed on this sphere.

Sphere of Biotic Science: Former Councilor Darth Acharon

Maybe Darth Viktus?
It is becoming my pet peeve to see people automatically assuming Darth Nox, it is not.

Also Gravus would been great choice for Military Strategy or Offense instead of Technology based on his appearance, but yeah.

One thing I have thought about - is it possible for apprentice of another member to become member themselves while master still on it?