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11.21.2012 , 04:55 AM | #14
we had some fun with an afk-juggernaut (I .think. it was a juggernaut) yesterday... the area is just hilarious for pushing/pulling afk-people to a different spot than where they went afk. I wish we'd taken a video.

also, little random advice:
do not go afk at the little spot near that 'lava river' where the 'faction areas' cross-over... you are not actually hiding there very well and chances are you'll end up in said lava river :P

I agree for actual battles black hole is better (also, it's corellia, so the setting fits), but section x is a lot of fun for randomly roaming around. there's just so many corners and sneaking ways... and gosh, so many mobs that can turn a situation around in seconds if you're not careful... lol