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Both of the above posters failed to answer my question. One stated, as though this were a roleplay server, that this isn't "a wretched hive of scum and villainy". The fact that the OP made this post displays to a certain degree that it is. The other simply restated the reason for my curiosity, I agree that most people on this server don't want to actually pvp that much nor do they like interacting with the small hardcore pvp community that we have, which can be coarse.

The point is that many, of which the OP is one, seem better suited to a PvE or RP server. There isn't anything wrong with that, people like what they like, but the question is why here?
I wasn't talking about the people who have .no. interest in PVP... I don't really get that, either (though I admit I originally only came to this server because of friends/pax, I do enjoy the opvp we have here and wonder why the other PVP servers can't seem to manage it)

I was merely refering to the fact that there are only very few guilds known for repeatedly killing people in the black hole (aka people in PVE-gear) for hours... and I don't mean these huge 'spawn-kill-getkilled-repeat' battles everybody loves to engage in... I mean the whole 'hide in stealth near the acid pit until someone is 3/4th dead' deal.

lots of PVP player simply see no honour in that. does that mean you can't expect it happening to you? no, obviously not. this has been part of PVP-behaviour for as long as there were MMOs. but even back in UO it was always the case that only a minority of the pvp-player actually did something like that. many people simply enjoy the thrill of not knowing whether or not they will be the winner...

however, I fail to see how that is any more 'RP' than the 'if it's red it's dead' mindset, that often apparently includes 'all's fair in love and war'.

you 'accuse' people of being too much into role-playing, but are you really 'innocent' in this regard?

and I can assure you that definitely is completely irrelevant when it's coming down to why you pick a certain guild depending on their 'guild intern' behaviour.

oh, and I'm not sure if you have any chars on a PVE server, but I can also assure you the community is not any better over there. come what may, I'll pick pot5 any day (yes, even the imp side :P)