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Sabrina got herself ready for an informal meeting with, the hutt representives and cerzka. While she was getting reafy the slicer came back and said told sabrina, the money been taken from the account and is currently being turned into imperial credits. She new this would take some time but, she was know rich enough to start her plotting her power base.

After she got ready, she order catering for her guest later. She order these from the hutts, them selfs so not to insult them. Also she paid for some slaves to get the room ready, and to entain her guest later. Her plan was to get cerka to help empire with weapons ammo and other commodties, and get hutts to supply republic soliders with spice and give access to mercs and intel. Whilst doing the diffcult job, off looking neutral. She new the empire had thing they could offer them, but question is would the republic be making offer`s aswell.

Eventualy the every thing was ready for the informal gathering, their where other`s companyies coming as well. Hopefully this face to face networking would pay off for the empire. Sabrina was still worried in the back of mind, as the empire seemed to be exculding her from front line service. May be she has offend darth howl with ramming that ship into the planet. Ethier that or trying to kill, his secreat apprentice. She hoped that a member of imperial diplomatic service`s who where coming, would let her know what was happing. They would be here atleast an hour before the main guest arived, and they where regualy updated by the dark council.