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If someone was serious about gearing up for raid content as a new player, i would advise them to farm credits as much as possible and buy stabilizers in bulk and get 61's crafted while farming BH comms. Honestly i have sold a stack of 10 stabilizers as cheap as 1.3 million (can be easily farmed in a single day), that would net them a little over a bh piece a day and they wouldnt have to worry about wasted parts.

I would like to see them add maybe a nightmare setting to flashpoints that is set around the gear level of columi/rakata compared to quest greens and have that maybe drop rakata... will it happen no...
you might be able to farm 1.3M in a single day, but that doesn't mean everyone can, especially if it entails GTN playing or rolling that FOTM Crew Skill and farming mats with it. Dailies in the game when done everyday give about 400k a day - and they do take substantial amount of time, especially with SX.
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