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Sigh... This is the exact same complaint people had at launch - "OMG server queues/lag suck, open more servers Bioware!" So they did, and then when the launch rush ended, the complaint became, "OMG BIOWARE WHY U OPEN SO MANY SERVERS NOW I HAVE NO ONE TO PLAY WITH SERVER CONSOLIDATIONS PLS!"

You really expect them to make the same mistake twice? Give it a couple weeks, the rush will die down, server populations will stabilize again, and everything will be just like it was before.
Did you miss the part where I said "Waiting a few weeks is too long"?

Even if the servers balance out they will still be on overdrive. They were (in my opinion) at the max after the last merge, maybe another 10% capacity to allow decent playing. Theyve overshot it and for their sake I hope they have more than an extra 10% players. They need to expand the server space, not make more servers just bigger ones as in actual physical servers.
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