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3. But it's easy as hell to anticipate a Smash. If it's done at the same moment as Smash is initiated, the target will be knocked back and the Smash will execute when the target lands. Annoying as **** when it happens.

4. It is totally feasible for the bubble to absorb a Smash completely if specced correctly (and if it's the first attack to damage the bubble).
3. sure its easy, expect it every time the CD is up minus a second or two. This doesnt change how hard it hits. I miss one smash, no biggie, control the fight and set up the next.

4. Come on now, in light armor sages are Smash's biggest hitter, I've never had a full absorb smash with full shockwave. 1300 Expertise sages still give me the 5k medal and I am in stock WH weaponmaster gear, no min/maxing yet.

The spec is awesome, but really it's too awesome. Something is wrong when your goal in a 1v1 fight is to setup your AoE.