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Ping is not the issue. I run on The Shadowlands (US EC) and live in Europe. Since day 1 Ive had between 90-100ms lag which is not a problem for me.

My PC isnt a problem for me either. HD6890 2GB, Phenom X4, 16GB DDR3, should not have any issue with it, and it didnt until the last server merge. Right then I noticed it starting to stutter but it was still ok.

Opening F2P servers sure... but then theyd have to transfer them onto normal servers if they pay? And paying subscribers transfer over to F2P when they want to play F2P? If they could do this then sure, as long as it doesnt affect anything but it will since names etc. When I said it it was more said as a "Just DO something!" argument

Ive worked in several levels of customer service and I applaud what Joveth and Allison are doing in these forums. Ive done their jobs, literally and I hated it. Theyre probably powerless on this and have to accept what the techs and management says. So to them two I say this, and send this thread to your managers:

Explain to them how you have a serious community issue. This isnt about not liking a new mechanic or F2P. Or not being happy with a simple repaint as a new Armor Set. This is a bug, a game breaking bug.
Section X? Off limits. Dreadtooth? Got him once for the title, never going there again.
You guys blogged about how you like your shadows and how you invested time (thus money to you bigshots) in making them so nice, right? Well none of us have them even turned on because it'll give us lag.

You have a fickle community that has 2 extremes but in the end love Star Wars, love BioWare and most of all love this game. Otherwise they wouldnt be this passionate or negative about it. If you have engineers on holidays pull them back from it, pay them some overtime and have them install better servers. Use the money Im giving you to let me play this game. I dont need the Fleet to render at 150fps because I dont care about that. Just the rest of the world.
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