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Both of the above posters failed to answer my question. One stated, as though this were a roleplay server, that this isn't "a wretched hive of scum and villainy". The fact that the OP made this post displays to a certain degree that it is. The other simply restated the reason for my curiosity, I agree that most people on this server don't want to actually pvp that much nor do they like interacting with the small hardcore pvp community that we have, which can be coarse.

The point is that many, of which the OP is one, seem better suited to a PvE or RP server. There isn't anything wrong with that, people like what they like, but the question is why here?
Let me throw my 2 cents errr centicreds in here. I PVE rarely do I PVP. I chose to roll my chars on a PVP server because I enjoy the rush I get when I see an opposing faction player. The sense of danger adds to my gaming experience. I don't mind when I'm attacked by other players, I only get upset when there is a large level discrepency ( c'mon a level 50 ganking lowbies on Alderaan!! )