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11.21.2012 , 03:40 AM | #6
This is a real issue and it's a shame that threads about this on the customer service forum are almost immediately taken off the first page by threads about missing cartels coins and locked accounts. As the OP correctly stated, certain areas of the game, mostly areas that contain dailies, are simply unplayable now. I tried the new section X two days in a row, it was a major lag fest, and just gave up on it.

If players' ping is in the 30-50 ms range throughout, but still you experience extreme ability delay, it means your servers cannot cope with the amount of players. Don't start asking people for ping paths, it aggravates them even more.

What boggles me is the lack of communication from the side of Bioware/EA. The first 5 days there was total radio silence from their end in response to all the issues people were having. Being on top of things and reassuring people that their problems are known, would go a long way to instilling confidence that you are handling the situation.

Instead I see almost no CS reps posting in the CS forums since 1.5 and the first real information coming from the community manager states that 1.6 is on the PTS. This same manager then tells us a few posts later that the reason we're all waiting on responses from them is that they are understaffed because of the holidays!

I'm sorry. But this is arguably the most important release for the future of your game and you go ahead with it when there is no one to handle problems?? How does that go? Your engineers implement the patch and go home for a long weekend?

Don't get me wrong, I love this game and I really enjoy playing it when it works. However you guys have no clue whatsoever how to communicate with your supporting community. Just talk to us and for once let us know what is going on if you want us to keep faith in this mess and keep subscribing.