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Allow me to wax philosophical here for a bit:

The Sith order first came into existence because Jedi doctrine is fundamentally broken: not because it focuses on being charitable and virtuous, but because it conceives of vast portions of the psyche as dark and forbidden, represses them - and thus creates the very monsters that it fears.

Repression does not lead to serenity and enlightenment - it just fosters a repressed shadow-self that eventually manifests in the form of the "dark side".

This is essentially what the Sith order is: a bunch of Jedis who have inverted their original teachings, embraced their suppressed feelings, and went "dark". (Remember, the sith order was funded by dark Jedi who were exiled and subjugated the sith-species.) But they are still caught in the same disastrous dichotomy, only on the other extreme end of the spectrum. They haven't broken free of the mental prison erected by Jedi lore - they still embrace it.

In short: a Jedi is just a sith waiting to happen. And a sith is just a Jedi who's gone over the top.
As such, "light-sided" sith are basically the ones who have finally got it: they do not repress their emotions any longer, but neither do they demonize them, becoming monsters. Instead, they follow the Twi'lek approach of "riding the heat storm" - neither light nor dark, but both, reconciled.

The fundamental truth that neither the Jedi nor the Sith can look in the eye is this: there is no dark side. Whatever evil there is in the Force is entirely of our own creation, born of our own way of thinking about it.