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Yes, I know the question was about hybrids. But IMO (and many other people's), there are no really valid hybrid DPS-Healers for Mercs. Of course, you can easily make a functional Hybrid with either some of Arsenal or some of Pyro, but the end result will be semi-decent DPS and fairly poor healing.
Did you actually even bother check your own specs before you made this reply, or even read what I actually wrote?
Your first spec is 2/8/31, and the second is 3/7/31.

Yeah, a hybrid where you go less than 31 points into one tree and then the rest in others is not good at the moment, however what you wrote in your post absolutely does not correspond with the builds you linked to.
The only difference between the two builds that you linked to is that in the first build you have one point in Custom Enviro Suit, and in the second build you have moved that one point to Improved Vents.

In the text for the first spec, you write that you've got reduced pushback for healing abilities, but in the actual spec you link to you don't have it. 2/8/31 means that you've only got two points in Bodyguard, in your case in Med Tech.
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