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The hard cap on Accuracy (30% from rating) effectively prevents all possibility of causing your Offhand hits to not miss. Offhand accuracy is 60-66% at base (don't have tool-tip up to make sure), and only does 30-66% of the base mainhand damage and doesn't benefit from power. Basically, the offhand attacks help in terms of DPS, but not enough to warrant trying to stack enough accuracy.

What the 100% Melee Accuracy is all about is making your Mainhand attacks always hit as they're the attacks that do the most damage. People say Melee accuracy in specific because the two tabs that generally show up when you open up your character sheet is Melee/ Ranged and Defense. It's simply easier to explain that.

The accuracy percentage that actually matters though is Force/ Tech accuracy since all abilities that aren't Strike/ Assault or Zealous Strike/ Battering Assault are based on the Force Accuracy percentage. 110% is the number to shoot for because each boss has about an 8-10% chance to dodge weapon based attacks (Force/ Tech based, or yellow attacks never miss).
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