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To Joveth or whoever reads this,

Those who've seen me before know that I always defend BioWare and the admins on this forum. Ive seen the workings of a multimillion (billion I guess for EA) company and know how things work. I dont agree but I understand.
What happens now however is not right.

With F2P there was a massive influx of people, I applaud this and I love it! I like helping out new people, running them through Esseles Story Mode with my Campaign/Dreadguard geared Sentinel just so people can see how awesome they can become.
I love answering questions in General.

I also love raiding and keeping my rotation up. I also like not walking into trash because my game is lagging. I also like my friends not crashing in the middle of a boss fight. Also I like stopping people from capping a node in a Warzone.

The crashing was bad in 1.4 but with the F2P in 1.5 and the influx of people its stacking with massive server lag making primetime unbearable. This is robbing me and a lot of other players from enjoyment. These are the players who have been loyal for almost a year now. I dont ask for much, Ill gladly pay my $15 a month and play this excellent game for however long its up but as it is now I dont play during primetime anymore unless I have to.
Fix the server lag or create F2P servers or something, I dont care how but fix the problem. Dont let me wipe on bosses just because you guys didnt anticipate a massive influx or are calculating that the numbers will drop in a few weeks or months and then everything will settle down again, thats not good enough.

Thanks for reading and I hope Ill get a reply

PS. Awesome game but Customer Support could be improved upon as well
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