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11.21.2012 , 12:37 AM | #24
I got what I wanted & they apologized. If they are not providing the services that they advertise then they needed to remove it.

3. Remove the False Advertising on your website that says "Get one Character, Guild, or Legacy name change per month."
Hi there,

I wanted to apologize about this confusion. It is our intention in the future to be able to provide the free character, guild, or Legacy name change per month, but unfortunately, we are not able to offer this at this time. We will be removing the text, as it is an error. Thank you for calling this to our attention!
They did,

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On the other hand, the way it reads is a little like if someone bumped into the back of your car you'd be the sort of person in court claiming they should pay you a few million because you'll never be able to work again. This was a minor bump at best, not you being crushed under a runaway truck.
Also I was not asking for any thing special just the services they where advertising or for them to remove the content from their website. I think you need to work on your reading comprehension skills.