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I'd call this an personal overview/opinion of the 3 specs, not really a guide. With a very misleading title and the little to no info on Rage, this post seems discreditable to be labeled as a "guide". There is some inaccuracy in your portrayal of reduced movement speed by 30% too when using Force Camo. You also say "all dmg is reduced by 50%". This is not true. The informative way to give accurate information is to write it correctly, "reducing all damage taken by 50%". I know I'm nitpicking, but if this is a guide and you claim it's "accurate" you are mistaken and you are giving out false information. Guides aren't supposed to give out inaccurate information, they are written to help people become a better player.

No offense, because I commend you for trying to present information to those interested in a marauder, but this post is nothing new and lacks any real information that isn't already known. Not to mention the information doesn't even touch on some of the key parts of these builds. Your only concern is your damage it seems and not PvP game play. PvP isn't always, and usually isn't, 1 v 1 situations.

From another one of your posts:

So again, how can this even be an accurate portrayal of a Marauder when you are only a lvl 11 marauder, at this point, and that post was made today?

Sry... I leveled it to near 50 obviously.(39) I spent a really long time on it leveling with 3 guildies. We all made it to 40's me at 39 another 38 another 41 another 41. XD.