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Come on, you and I both know you haven't purchased anything under the belief you're getting a free name change. Then again, maybe I'm completely wrong... you wouldn't be the first person without a shred of common sense I've encountered. If you've got a level 50 then surely you've played this game long enough to know there are no options at this time to change the name of a character you've already created. You're certainly aware that using special characters in your name online requires extra effort on the part of others to communicate with you. Well, again... if you use common sense.

So, the attitude you've got is misplaced. Now if you meant to come along in the style of "Hey, Bioware, you've got a mistake here that can be viewed in this way that should be changed." Then that'd make you an awesome person who knows mistakes happen and no one is perfect. On the other hand, the way it reads is a little like if someone bumped into the back of your car you'd be the sort of person in court claiming they should pay you a few million because you'll never be able to work again. This was a minor bump at best, not you being crushed under a runaway truck.
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