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Group 3: No one showed tonight except Volkas and I. We did a short little story session retrieving some smuggled artifacts (datacrons from the spaceport, and from an abandoned camp) that Lord Alycaa was after.

We haven't heard from Spiix for a while so there may be an opening for group 3 (?) as a Sith Warrior. We'll keep trying to get a hold of him though.

Also, perhaps if weekdays are too difficult we could reschedule so it's only on a weekend? And perhaps if one person is missing, should the rest of us refrain from gaining experience?
Ye sorry guys, just having personal issues at home that is keeping me from making it. I don't want to hold y'all back so he can have my sith warrior spot because I might not be to make it this weekend either. I apologize, I feel really bad for wasting you guy's time.

If needed I can pm y'all everyone's availability so that y'all can compare between each other.
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