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Is very true. If you are holding down one of the mouse buttons to rotate your character or the camera, the cursor cannot be used to interact with other interface elements.

I can't believe this "argument" is still dragging on. Clicking abilities is like typing with oven mitts. Can you do it? Sure. Will any amount of success on the part of an individual ever change the fact that it's incredibly inefficient? Nope.

That being said, yes, the OP is wrong insofar as clicking doesn't automatically mean you're bad at your role.
Is not true, it takes less time to right click and camera rotate than the GCD and the mouse doesnt move far from where it began due to set sensitivity. Im not saying I may or may not miss a fraction of a second here and there but my parsed DPS numbers (inside operations not on stationary dummies) are above average so Im not slacking there and I dont die first on my Vengeance Juggernaut which is a melee class so is especially dependent on positioning.

Also at no point have I claimed that clicking is superior, I dont know where you are getting that slant from, my point seems to be that there is rather a downer on a particular play style, that is often a necessity of physical limitations not a choice. For ME and others binding would be monumentally inefficient and indeed make the game unplayable so wheres your point? The mere concept of lambasting someone on play style over effectiveness is quite cretinous given a bad player is a bad player regardless of clicking or binding.

FYI I have A and D set as side strafe