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11.20.2012 , 10:05 PM | #334
I have no issues taking down people on my merc. I do think they are underpowered in comparason to other classes as far as utilities go. I have a specific job set that I do well with. I am excellent 1v1 and tend to draw noobs away from nodes or doors (voidstar) because they think "It's just a merc and I am a maurader" i just burn them down in a couple of seconds, one less person on the battlefield for that team. Sometimes I can get 3 people to follow me and leave a node completely undefended and I just run around. I fully understand I will eventually die but I make it take as long as possible gives my team a much better chance to take the nodes. Same thing on defense, I can hold people off long enough to get reinforcements when that 2-3 guys tries to cap my point. I may not put out the dmg but I have some wicked endurance and make sure people have to give me everything to drop me.